Olive oil Information,are you really buying Extra Virgin ?

Welcome to Paso Gold,an extra virgin olive oil made from our family's farm and sold only at farmers markets.

California enjoys a rich tradition in table olives and olive oil. In fact, the first olive trees were planted at the Mission in San Diego.

But is the olive oil in your kitchen what you think it is?

Probably not.

Many of the olive oils sold in California do not meet basic standards for extra virgin oil, according to a study by UC Davis.

In fact, nearly 70 percent of imported oil did not meet internationally accepted standards for extra virgin oil, according to the study. Ten percent of California manufactured oils also failed the test.

One of the biggest offenses is mixing the oil,and poor storage practices.The quality of olive oil on store shelves can be reduced by light and heat. Top quality olive oil can be expensive.

If you cut 100 percent extra virgin oil with a cheaper canola oil or hazelnut oil you can sell it for cheaper and you make better profits.The cheaper the olive oil, generally, the more chance you have of product that might not be 100 percent olive oil.”

Experts say you'll have a much better chance of getting quality extra virgin olive oil from local growers, rather than taking your chance from oils coming in from around the world and sitting on store shelves.

There's huge differences in quality, there's huge differences in flavor depending on variety, when you pick it, how you pick it, how you process and store it.

If you're looking for the best olive oil, look to see where the olives were grown and when the oil was made. Not the expiration date -- Look for the pressing date.

Don't buy oil in clear bottles as light can age the oil.

If the oil is too inexpensive, check to see if it is a blend with other oils and be a bit skeptical of flavored oils they can hide negative attributes that effect taste.

I know it is romantic to buy a product from Italy or Spain, but in 2008, police arrested 39 people and impounded more than 25,000 liters of counterfeit extra virgin oil in an Italian Food Scandal.The counterfeit oil was genetically modified soy bean oil mixed with beta carotene and industrial chlorophyll.

So I must say here buyer beware,use discretion, use the same critical eye you would use when considering generic drugs from another country. Is the product what they say it is ? Also, olives start fermenting the moment they are picked.This fruit is very delicate and should be processed with in 8 hours or so after it is preferably picked by hand.This is true whether harvested ,either here in the United States or abroad.

Its a fact that the United States imports 99% of its oil from other countries, and most of the oil grown in the U.S. is produced in California,on Large and small farms like ours.

Freshness affects the beneficial antioxidant qualities of this age old fruit.I recommend shopping at Farmers markets,and asking the Farmers questions about there products, and how they grow the items they sell.Ask about the fertilizers they apply,water quality and storage.Remember Light, Heat and oxygen are olive oils worst enemies.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and a key ingredient to the

Mediterranean Diet. I hope my site will benefit you if you are looking to live a healthier and more active life.

The scientific benefits for lowering cholesterol and eating foods with monounsaturated fats are being published daily by notable health organizations and professional's.The latest research supports the antioxidant qualities of olive oil, which is actually a fruit juice, with suspended particles, I won't get technical here.

By making one small change in the way we eat,specifically replacing saturated fat with Monounsaturated fat, we will improve the quality of our lives and add years.We have learned this from the numerous studies about the lifestyles of the Mediterranean people. The secret is reducing the saturated fat. I personally take two tablespoons every morning, and I use it with easy recipes, that I will share with you.

Hopefully you are lucky enough to live in a community that would allow you to visit a local Farmer's Market so you can enjoy farm fresh products,and chat with the Farmer that grows them.I know that these days, one might live in a town with a Farmers market but may not have the time to visit.For you I offer a chance to enjoy the freshest extra virgin olive oil,from our Central California small farm located in Paso Robles,California.

So, I believe my Organic Farm and educational website can help the busy American Family replace saturated fat with foods with monounsaturated fats.I can guarantee freshness and answer your questions about the way my oil is brought to market."why" because I am the Farmer that raised the fruit.I know the water from my well is tested clean and pure with no chlorine.Also,the soil I planted the trees in is fertile and well maintained.If it looks like a farmer is the web master for this site, its true... I do that to ( I am sure you could tell).

Please keep checking back from time to time, I will be adding healthy recipes, Farmers Market updates and quotes and postings from nutritionist's as they are contributed.I encourage you to contact me and ask questions, and contribute recipes.

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