Ground Squirrel Control

Ground squirrel control can be accomplished by different methods.I am concerned about polluting the soil and harming other animals so I have choose to use traps, baited with molasses grain.This method is most effective in California from mid May until the first rains.

Early spring the ground squirrels will eat vegetation around the burrow with in 75 feet. As the spring growth starts to turn brown, they start eating grains and nuts. Also cobb feed has worked well.They are smart you may have to switch baits, or try real almonds or melon rinds.Be sure to stake the trap, coyotes have carried my traps off.

A word of caution.If you use poison, be aware of other animals on the property such as pets,my dog loves to chase the squirrels when he can find one.Watch for signs of non target species inhabiting inactive ground squirrel burrows.Kit foxes will use an old burrow, enlarging the opening, often creating a keyhole-shaped entrance.

Active pupping dens may be littered with prey remains, droppings, and matted vegetation, and show signs of fresh paw prints. The burrowing owl (Athenecunicularia) is another potential occupant of abandoned ground squirrel burrows. Only fumigate active ground squirrel burrows; county agricultural commissioners can provide additional information on how to recognize these. Do not treat a burrow if you suspect a non target animal is present.

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