Kidney Stone Symptoms

What are kidney stone symptoms? It's difficult to be specific, because you may experience any combination of some general symptoms. Some kidney stone sufferers may feel a dull, non-descript pain in their lower back for days, while others are suddenly crippled by extremely sharp pains. These symptoms and warning signs are intended to be a general layman's guide to self-diagnosing a possible kidney stone attack, not a substitute for proper medical attention. If you feel pains that are unrelenting and strong or urination is difficult, seek a doctor's care as soon as possible. Don't wait until the actual attack begins.A simple in- home or office urine test can usually diagnose a kidney stone condition long before the actual attack.

1. Check out any known family medical history that indicates a predisposition to kidney stones. Forewarned can be forearmed. If you know that kidney stone attacks run in the family, make sure you use good preventive measures, such as increasing your non-sugared, non-caffeine fluid intake and avoiding excessive dairy consumption, especially at night.

2. Dull, pain originating in the lower back or pelvis. This may be your first indication that something serious is developing.

3. Walking becomes more and more difficult, and the pain makes everyday tasks nearly impossible. You may experience trouble reaching above your head, or recovering from a bent position.

4. Signs of blood in the urine. If you can, observe any urine you secrete during this time of distress. You may be able to see actual blood traces in the urine, or the urine itself may be an unusual color. If your urine is a deep orange color, you are most likely dehydrated. Any blood in the urine is cause for alarm. Olive oil and kidney stones are connected through a couple of these home remedies. Olive oil is mostly used along with lemon juice to make an effective recipe for ridding oneself of these sorts of internal build ups and deposits. Olive oil is not usually effective by itself, but appears to be very effective when used with lemon juice and a good dose of hot water.

Olive oil is quite necessary as a dietary supplement , as it stimulates the production and proper elimination of the fat digesting enzyme which is known as lipase.Utilizing the Mediterranean dietis recommended for improving over all health,and a good source of lower cholesterol foods.

If at all possible, use only high quality olive oil to keep the formation of these troublesome Kidney stone symptoms at bay. Be sure to avoid meats, greasy foods, deep fried items, or any other processed fats or oils. This includes margarine and butter, so be careful not to use these things too. Eating small meals is also a good idea.

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