Lab results for free acidity, and Polyphenols

In olive oil producing countries, extra virgin olive oil accounts for less than 10% of the oil produced. Extra virgin is the healthiest highest quality olive oil. Lab result information can aid the consumer in choosing the healthiest olive oil.

How does a consumer know if they are purchasing extra virgin olive oil? The California Olive Oil Council requires lab analysis to check on the free acidity or oleic acid.

The International Olive Oil Council requires a free acidity of less than .8 percent. However, here in California the

California olive oil council (COOC) has set a higher standard of less than .5 percent to be classified as extra virgin olive oil. Also, the COOC requires peroxide levels to detect oxidation of the oil. For heavy producers the COOC requires a UV test to make sure that old oils have not been mixed with new oil. So, it is really to the benefit of the consumer to look for the COOC seal on a bottle of olive oil to ensure the highest quality.

Unlike many other olive oil producers, links to my olive oil lab reports are listed below so that consumers purchasing our products online or at a farmers market can be assured they are getting the highest quality oil.

In addition, I check for the polyphenol antioxidant content of my olive oils, which is not required by the COOC but important to consumers who are aware of the benefits of polyphenols.

Research shows that polyphenols block enzymes that certain cancers need for growth and also slow the aging process. We’re so confident that our olive oil is of the highest quality, we’re willing to prove it! Click the links below to review our oil lab reports below and you’ll know you’re receiving the highest quality olive oil when purchasing through our website or at the Farmers Market. Enjoy!

Organic Farm Blend 2012 Lab test

Organic Arbosana 2012 lab test

Koroneiki COOC test Nov 2010 Harvest

Arbequina Polyphenols

Arbosana Polyphenols

Koroneiki Polyphenols

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