Manchester Terrier

Our Manchester terrier “bubba” is the perfect farm dog, perfectly suited to dig for gophers and chase rabbits and Deer from the Olive trees. Originally breed in England to help rid the city of there rat problems in the 18th century the brown and black terrier was named in 1860 after the city of Manchester England, which was a breeding center at the time. Rat hunting was a sport in the 1800’s and the breed was nicknamed “ the gentleman’s terrier” .I can attest to the fighting spirit of this breed that is known for being able to stand up to an opponent twice his size. The standard breed stands 14 to 16 inches, weighs more than 12 pounds but does not exceed 22 pounds , and has erect or folded (button) ears. There is a toy version of the breed that does not exceed 12 pounds.

The Manchester terrier breed is a descendant of the whippet a racing dog. Olive trees are beautiful, but I have to say that, seeing this dog open up and run full speed thru the olive trees and up the terraces is one of the joys of my life. Bubba will get his 18lb body air borne as he leaps from terrace to terrace, sometimes his back legs travel thru the air faster than the front legs and he lands at an angle, but he is made to run and it does not slow him down at all.I have to say that he seems to be enjoying running thru the olive trees as much as I like watching him, graceful is an understatement.

"Chicks Dig Me"

We inherited this dog when he was 9 months and he is now a year old. This breed is smart, and intuitive while very good natured, for example if he is chewing on a bone, he will let us take it from him. This dog is full of character and personality, he gets cranky in the evening after running at the farm all day.

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