Olive Oil for Pain

Who would think of taking olive oil for pain ? I was at an olive oil tasting seminar and wondered about the peppery sensation I tasted,it was almost a sting to the back of my throat.I learned later that the stronger the peppery taste the fresher the olive oil.Also, I discovered that researchers have unlocked one of the secrets of the Mediterranean diet ;and that the peppery taste was the presence of a naturally occurring chemical found in extra-virgin olive oil which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID) named oleocanthal [for oleo (oil), canth (sting) and al (aldehyde)]. This explains the pepper taste and why I feel like I am in better physical shape now than when I was in my thirty's,even after a hard day on the farm.Probably because the NSAIDs have had the same effect as taking Ibprofen or aspirin every morning.I just have started using olive oil as my principle source of fat.

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