Olive Oil Hair Conditioner The Ultimate Hair Revitalizer

Olive oil hair conditioner will leave hair richly moisturized with a healthy shine. The same fatty acids that make olive oil good for the diet are the ones that help to give hair that healthy glow. It can be used whenever the hair is shampooed, or once a week as a deep conditioning treatment.

To use as a deep conditioning treatment, massage the conditioner down into the scalp and slowly work out toward the tips of the hair. Once generously applied let the olive oil conditioner work for five to ten minutes. This allows the olive oil to drench the cuticles and absorb into the hair. To maximize the process wrap a hot towel around hair, or sit under a salon style hair dryer. Once rinsed, there will be a noticeable change in softness and shine.

When using olive oil hair conditioner with an olive oil shampoo the hair is able to achieve maximum hydration. This in turn produces hair that is soft, easy to manage and less prone to tangles. The conditioner by itself will still help revitalize hair and give hair a touchable soft texture. The vitamins and minerals naturally found in olive oil will also help fend off environmental factors that damage hair, as well as help prevent frizz and fly away strands of hair.

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