Olive Oil Moisturizer a Beauty Regime Necessity

Olive oil moisturizer is a beauty regime necessity. The hydrating properties of olive oil are not just for the diet or the hair. Skin is the single largest organ of the human body, and also the least thought of. Without proper hydration skin becomes dry, thin, brittle and easily irritated. An olive oil moisturizer is a great way to take care of the body’s largest organ because olive oil is mild enough that it can be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

Olive oil is rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds that help to heal the skin. Vitamins E and K help protect the skin from the outside. They fend off the damaging effect of the sun’s rays and ward off the pollutants found in the air. Oleic acid helps to seal in moisture and improves elasticity. Antioxidants that are naturally found in olive oil help fight free radicals that age skin, helping the skin to look and feel younger.

The olive oil in the olive oil moisturizer does more than hydrate and renew skin. It also works as an anti-inflammatory. In ancient time women used olive oil as a natural way to keep skin clear of blemishes and to fend off wrinkles. In modern times olive oil moisturizers are a treatment for skin ailments like eczema, contact dermatitis and rosacea.

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