Maximum Hydration with Olive Oil Shampoo

All of the things that make olive oil good for the diet are also the reasons that make it good for the hair. Olive oil shampoo will give hair a glossy shine while deeply nourishing hair from tip to follicle and fending off environmental dangers.

Hair washed with an olive oil shampoo will have a noticeable difference in hydration. This is due to the natural fatty acids in olive oil. Of these fatty acids, oleic acid is the most known. These acids aid in the nourishment by enveloping each hair and the scalp in a protective barrier that helps to lock in moisture.

While the fatty acids are taking care of the inside of the hair, Vitamin E and Vitamin K are working from the outside. Both Vitamins E and K protect the hair from the environmental elements like poor air quality and sun damage, that cause dry scalp and dry hair.

Even after a few shampoos with olive oil shampoo there are noticeable differences in shine and hydration of the hair. Those with a dry flaky scalp will start to notice less dandruff and those with an itchy scalp will notice the need to itch comes lessens. With repeated use, the scalp will become more normalized and issues with dryness, itchiness, and flakiness will soon disappear. When coupled with an olive oil conditioner, the healthy hair benefits are maximized.

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