Olive Oil Skin Care

Olive oil skin care is an ancient beauty regimen started over 3000 years ago in the Mediterranean region.

The ancient quest for nice skin was only judged by the results they achieved.Today we are also desiring nice skin, but we have some understanding as to why olive oil works as well outside the body as it does inside.That is because modern day science tells us that olive oil is rich in vitamin E.

Today there are many products manufactured with artificial ingredients for skin care and mixed with olive oil.

Many of these products are cheaply made with poor quality ingredients and often do not do anything to promote proper skin health. In addition, such products may do more harm than good.

Pure extra virgin olive oil absorbs UV radiation and is very efficient in lowering the metabolism rate of body cells. Thus assisting in repairing cells and in preventing cell damage. Olive oil is soothing and healing to all skin types.

Always look for extra virgin olive oil or organic extra virgin olive oil in olive oil products or when formulating your own olive oil skincare recipes. Pure or light olive oil is likely chemically processed and would be lacking the beneficial olive skin care essentials.Be skeptical of the cheaper oils they have probably been cut with another oil such as canola oil which could possibly make your skin irritated.

One bottle of olive oil can meet a number of skin care needs try some of these olive oil uses.

  1. Olive oil soap,Bathe as the Romans bathed.
  2. Olive oil Shampoo will hydrate your hair.
  3. Olive Oil hair conditioner,will add shine and body.
  4. Olive Oil moisturizer, use around eyes at night or hands during the day

Incorporate this healthy oil regularly into your diet. You’ll enhance your health while improving the appearance of your skin.

Olive oil is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutritional super hero's that protect against age accelerating free radicals. The oil will guard your body and your skin... from the inside out.

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