Olive Tree Information


This Spanish olive tree is erect with low vigor, Oil is sweet, delicate and fragrant with intense fruitiness but low levels of bitterness. Small, high yielding olive. Excellent oil quality. Perfect for high density orchards. Adapts well to poor soil conditions.


A late maturing Spanish tree, high productivity fruit. Very good (19-20%) oil yield efficiency. The oil has a unique fruity flavor with strong character, bitterness and high levels of polyphenols. The tree is the most dwarfing of all the high density varieties and should be planted closer together.


Greek variety, originally cultivated on the plains, lower hillsides and coastal areas of Crete where the climate is relatively warm. Adapts well in high density orchards, early producer. Very small fruit size. Excellent oil quality with very high polyphenols. Fruit yield is high with a slight tendency to alternate bare.


Trees in a super-high density olive orchard are pruned to a central leader, with an emphasis on fruitwood rejuvenation. The tree canopy is kept to about two feet above the orchard floor and topped to a height of 6’-8’. Mechanical topping is easily achieved in this pruning system, while all other pruning is currently being done by hand in existing orchards.

Tree Irrigation:

Typically, Super-high Density Olive Orchards are developed using drip irrigation with in-line emitters. Emitters can either be continuous along the drip tape to create a solid band of irrigated coverage, or they can be placed immediately next to trees. Typically, emitters deliver .50 g.p.h. each. Drip tape can either be buried, on top of the ground.

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