Stay away from Pomace Olive Oil

Pomace olive oil should never be recommended as a cooking oil for use in any recipe or on any pan that is used for cooking food. Despite the fact that you will find pomace olive oil blends on the shelf at grocery stores, it is actually a product that is full of chemicals that could be toxic if consumed. This type of oil may be useful for lubing door and cabinet hinges, but it is not fit for human consumption. Olive pomace oil is extracted from olive residue and is typically sourced from leftover pieces of olive that are known as "pomace." It is extracted by the use of chemical solvents and heat.

According to the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, processed olive pomace oil produces a byproduct known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) during the heating process. PAHs are a group of compounds formed when organic matter is burned and are considered pollutants when present in the atmosphere. These compounds have been shown to be highly toxic and are known to be both carcinogenic and mutagenic. Studies have even linked the consumption of olive pomace oil by pregnant women with low birth weight, increased instances of childhood asthma, malformations in the heart and other serious birth defects.

I would like to remind you that companies often use olive mills for blending oils together. It is a common practice to blend olive oil and pomace oil together into a mixture that is labeled as "refined olive residue oil" and placed on shelves in the grocery store. While some companies continue to sell this mixture as a food item, it is my opinion that it is not safe for cooking purposes. This type of oil is not healthy for your family to consume, so my advice is to stay away from it.

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